Life Of Grime

Mum says disgusting mould in her flat is so bad it is making her HAIR fall out. 

A MUM has claimed the mould is so severe in her flat it has made her HAIR fall out.

Lena McGonigle, 52, said the disgusting black marks cover her two-bedroom flat in Oldham, Greater Manchester, making her feel constantly “dirty” and “sick”. 

She told Sun Online: “Microtoxins from the mould have made my hair fall out and there is a funny taste inside my mouth.

“I feel like I’m choking all the time and that I can’t breathe.”

Lena is a full-time carer for her 29-year-old son Andrew who suffers from autism. 

She claims the mould is having a serious impact on her health but neither her landlord Threshold, who run the property, or housing association First Choice Homes Oldham seem to care.

Lena said: “I’ve sent pictures before and they [First Choice] didn’t listen.

“Every time I phone they say ‘sorry, we won’t do repairs for you until Threshold contacts us first’.

“I feel like they are making a fool of me and because I’m just a carer for my son they don’t want to listen.”

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